Pumpkin carvings. 2009 – 2011

The larger of the two pumpkins was grown in our back garden. It was the first attempt I’d made at a very detailed carving, and my first year growing pumpkins!

Personally I only ended up carving the larger one. Between growing, design preparation and carving, it took around 6 months!

We spent a good 2 months planning out the more detailed designs this time around, not just because of the thinking of designs, but holding a pen is hard. Here’s one from the 2 weeks prior to halloween, so I could encourage a good friend to give carving a go, too!
This was a year we planted a much larger crop of pumpkins but unfortunately most of them failed. Again, the largest pumpkin is the one we’d managed to grow ourselves, but the others were bought from Over Farm, near Gloucester (A great place for good price, quality pumpkins!).


Given the leap from ridiculously detailed to even more ridiculously detailed in the past 2 years, and having gained a lot more experience with carving, we obviously had to do something immensely OTT. And so we did. My husband was a great help by doing all the scooping, helping draw on the designs, and also carved a couple of them himself.

Yep, a lot of yelling and feeling nauseous because my head had been filled with the smell of pumpkin for the best part of a week, we did it again.

Suffice to say, our house is popular on Halloween.

And that’s before I do things like this…

2010 Costume

2011 Costume

Disclaimer: Only one teddy bear was harmed in the making of this event.