Marmite gravy recipe

This is heavily based on the gravy my Mum used to make when I was younger. It’s an absolute favourite of mine and always has been.

2 tablespoons of oil (vegetable, sunflower, olive.. Whichever)
1 tablespoon of plain flour
1-2 teaspoons of marmite or marmite XO (depending on taste)
400ml boiling water
Optional quarter to half teaspoon of black pepper.

Mix the oil, plain flour and marmite into a paste. Place in a saucepan and add the water to the paste gradually, either mix together fully before putting on the hob or mix it in over a medium heat (it doesn’t really matter which). Once it’s all mixed in and starts to bubble, turn the heat down.

Leave it to simmer for 5-10 minutes, stirring regularly.

If the gravy tastes too weak, simply stir in a little more marmite.
If it’s too runny, mix some water and flour to form a runny mixture, pour it in a spoonful at a time until it starts to thicken, let it simmer for a further few minutes. Or you can leave it to simmer until it’s thickened up itself.
Sometimes the gravy can go a bit lumpy, if this happens then take a whisk, sieve or handheld blender to it.

I like to make mine quite peppery, normally using a quarter of a teaspoon of black pepper, or half a teaspoon with steak.

You can also add a beef or chicken stock cube for a bit of a meaty flavour. When I make I roast I like to use the dripping instead of oil, or if I’m frying sausages etc I’ll keep them warm in the oven and use the oil they were cooked in.

For onion gravy, lightly fry some onions before hand and add them to the saucepan after you’ve mixed it all together, allowing them to simmer in the gravy.

I love having this with just some bread, mashed potato or chips. It’s a nice thick gravy with a lot of flavour to it. 

This is quite a large batch I made up. The more you make, the longer you’ll have to leave it on the hob. It can take anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes to thicken in larger amounts.