Wholemeal fig and dark chocolate pancake batter

Pancake header

This is very easily my favourite thing of late. I’ve only recently tried figs for the first time and my immediate thought was ‘dark chocolcate’. If ever there were flavours which were made for each other it’s those. This hearty but light mixture makes for a perfect backdrop to those flavours, taking nothing away from them or overpowering them with texture or flavour. A friend of mine hit the nail on the head by describing them as ‘decadent’.

Makes around 25¬†medium (4-5″ across) size pancakes.


2 cups wholemeal self raising flour
2 tablespoons dark muscovado sugar
350g figs, finely chopped
200g of 85% cocoa chocolate
800-850ml hazelnut or almond milk
4 egg whites

Mix the flour, sugar, egg whites, and hazelnut milk in a bowl and whisk until a smooth battery consistency .

Mix in the chopped figs and chocolate.

Edit: Cook them just as you would normal small pancakes. A ladleful should make¬†two nice sized ones, or one larger. You’ll want to cook them over a lower heat then you’d expect to for pancakes as they’re quite dense. Keep them over the heat until the centre is fully cooked and spongy, and if the edges burn turn it down a little and cook for longer instead.